Teatre Auditori of La Vila Joiosa

C/ Concepción Aragonés, 2

Teatre Auditori of la Vila Joiosa

This theatre, inaugurated in 2007, is the work of the architects José Mª Torres Nadal and Antonio Marquerie. It is one of the most original, unique and emblematic buildings in the city. It is 25 metres high and consists of a central body, which contains a hall for 767 people, and which extends through a semicircular arm that envelops it.

Auditorium Finca La Barbera

This open-air auditorium is located in the gardens of La Barbera Park, in the centre of the town, and concentrates most of the summer cultural events. It was built in 2004 when the Vila Joiosa Town Council undertook an ambitious project on the agricultural estate of the Aragonés family, an important family of politicians, religious and military men.

Community Centre Auditorium

In the community centre Llar del Pensionista inaugurated in 1989, we find this auditorium which has capacity for 359 people. Before the construction of the Teatre Auditori this building housed almost all the town' s cultural programme. Nowadays it is reserved for small and medium sized shows.

Espai d'Art Contemporani La Barbera

It is a space attached to the house-museum Barbera dels Aragonés as it occupies the old stables of the farmhouse. Although it has been completely refurbished (2004), the sobriety of the space with its natural stone walls as well as the architectural characteristics of the building, make it an exhibition hall with its own personality.