Teatre Auditori of La Vila Joiosa

C/ Concepción Aragonés, 2

Auditorium Finca La Barbera

This open-air auditorium is located in the gardens of La Barbera Park, in the centre of the town, and concentrates most of the summer cultural events. It was built in 2004 when the Vila Joiosa Town Council undertook an ambitious project on the agricultural estate of the Aragonés family, an important family of politicians, religious and military men.

The proposal involved the refurbishment of the farmhouse, a 17th century country house converted into a romantic mansion, which now houses the Barbera dels Aragonés house-museum and the construction of an open-air auditorium in the newly created park, on the fragments of what was once part of the estate's farm.

This approximately 700-seat auditorium, designed by Jaime Llinares, Ana Llopis and Ignacio Guillén, is located in the north-east of the park. It is defined by a roof and a corner built with a blunt wall, clad with slabs of limestone inlaid with fragments of other stones and the remains of historic ashlars. The wall protects the auditorium acoustically and houses the equipment necessary for its operation.

This auditorium is just a few metres from the ' Creueta' stop on the TRAM line 1.